3 Things to Ask Your Real Estate Attorney

With complicated or large real estate transactions, it is important to seek advice from an experienced real estate attorney. Before you hire someone to take care of your real estate legal matters, be sure to ask about their legal experience, the types of cases the firm handles, and how you’ll be billed. Discover why these three questions are so important:

What type of legal experience do you have?

Myers Law Group was launched in 2019, but its founder, Matthew Myers, has 15 years of experience representing clients in complex real estate transactions. Beyond Matthew’s experience and knowledge, Myers Law Group is partnered with McMichael & Gray, PC, an Atlanta firm with over a decade of experience handling real estate transactions. This partnership enables Myers Law Group to provide the very best representation for our clients.

What types of cases does your firm handle?

When you’re journeying through a real estate transaction, you want the very best attorneys on your side to help you through the process. But, how do you know which attorney to choose? An important factor to consider is their legal expertise and experience. When you choose an attorney who specializes in real estate law and related matters, you can be confident that he will pay attention to the smallest details within the largest decisions. Do you have questions? Call us today: 478-200-7248.

How will I be billed?

Before choosing a real estate attorney, ask him straightforward questions about how you’ll be billed and how much his services will cost. If your attorney won’t give you an answer or answers vaguely, you can be sure that your legal venture will be costly. Your real estate attorney should be able to talk freely with you about projected costs so you can make an informed, wise decision.

Matthew Myers is an experienced real estate attorney and can help you with your legal needs! Contact us today with your questions.