How Conservation Easements Give You Big Tax Savings

father and his 2 young daughters look out into a field with livestock

Conservation easements are excellent tools for property owners to ensure their land is protected according to their wishes for future generations to enjoy. They also bring potentially significant tax savings. can answer any questions you have about implementing a conservation easement, and how it can contribute to a big tax break. Keep reading to discover the importance of conservation easements:

Conservation Easement Importance

As America grows in numbers, the country remains the same size as it has for thousands of years. With the influx of people, builders and investors will look to nature to create jungles made of concrete. But, nature gives people and animals a plethora of benefits! If you own land that you want to ensure its protection for decades to come, a conservation easement can help you fulfill your wishes.

Although many people believe that conservation easements protect only farms and ranches, they also protect scenic areas, wetlands, forests, and other habitats along waterways. In addition to keeping your property in its natural state, the conservation easement will provide savings with regards to federal, state, and property taxes. When determining how much taxes you will save, the type of conservation easement you have, and its value will be addressed. To ensure your tax savings, the conservation easement must be permanent and held by a land trust.

How Matthew Myers Can Help

Matthew Myers can guide you through this journey which leads to the thriving of your property and finances. He has extensive experience advising landowners through this process and finding creative solutions to their unique situation. He will address environmental, zoning, and real estate tax law to guide you in the right direction. If you’re interested in implementing a conservation easement, don’t hesitate to contact Myers Law Group today.

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