Energy Tax Credit & Energy Sources For Your Business

By offering energy tax credits, the federal tax code encourages businesses to invest in renewable energy sources. By implementing one or more renewable energy sources, you are contributing to a healthier environment and cutting back on business costs! Matthew Myers has helped many businesses find energy tax credits after applying energy sources.

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Discover three of many types of renewable energy sources:

Fuel Cells

According to the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, “fuel cells are an energy conversion device that can harness the power of hydrogen.” It is another incredible way to use different elements to create electricity. Benefits of implementing fuel cells include environmental performance, energy efficiency, improved health, and fuel flexibility.

Geothermal Systems

You might not think of the earth as your HVAC system, but the earth can greatly contribute to heating and cooling your business or home! A geothermal system stores uses the earth as “storage space” during the summer and pulls heat from the earth during winter.

Solar Technologies

The ability to harness solar power has consumed brilliant minds for hundreds of years. In 1839, Alexandre Edmond Becquerellar revealed new technology that converted sunlight into electricity. Today, research and technologies have transformed how businesses and residents can use electricity (and save money)!

How Matthew Myers Can Help

These are only three of several alternate energy systems you can implement into your business in order to take advantage of tax savings. Other ideas include combined heat and power (CHP), microturbines, small wind turbines, and production tax credit-eligible technologies. If you have questions about how implementing these technologies will positively affect your taxes (in the form of an energy tax credit), talk to Matthew Myers today. He has extensive experience helping clients in this area!