Joint Venture & Corporate Formation

Myers Law Group is experienced guiding entrepreneurs through the various legal hurdles of corporate formation and joint venture agreements. Our team partners with you to protect your interests and help you navigate the complexities of your legal matter. You can trust Myers Law Group to maintain constant communication with you throughout the process, regularly updating you on the next steps. Whether you’re an aspiring small business owner or the CEO of a large corporation, Myers Law Group can guide you to success.

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Joint Venture Agreements

Joint ventures are formed when businesses choose to team up and share resources, capital, and risk to create new business activity. Joint ventures created through joint venture agreements, a legal document that clearly states each party’s role, risk, and liability. The team at Myers Law Group is skilled at drafting and reviewing joint venture agreements to protect our client’s interests, foreseeing potential problems and implementing proactive solutions.

What to Consider in Your Joint Venture

  • Structure
    • When a joint venture is created, businesses sometimes form a new corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) to manage the operations. Each situation is different, and our experienced lawyers can guide you to the best business structure for your joint venture.
  • Control and Profits
    • The joint venture agreement should clearly state the amount of control each party has in the day-to-day and big picture operation, including how the profits will be shared. Our experience allows us valuable insight into these negotiations and enables us to better protect your interests.
  • Separation
    • In the event a joint venture dissolves, the joint venture agreement should clearly state how the assets and liabilities will be divided. We work to ensure you’ll be protected from unfair treatment by carefully drafting and reviewing exit documentation that’s included in the agreement.

Corporate Formation

Myers Law Group works with entrepreneurs through the corporate formation process to protect your rights and maximize your growth potential. Our experienced team will offer personalized advice to your situation and help you consider all the needs of your new business including financing, accounting, employment, and compliance. We walk you through the formation process and advise you on issues including:

  • Applying for a Tax ID
  • Choosing an Entity Type
  • Drafting Employee Agreements and Leases
  • Registering with Local Governments