Advising Clients on Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are becoming more common in business contracts and used as a tool to protect businesses from having employees or clients stolen by the competition. It’s important to have non-compete agreements carefully reviewed by an attorney to ensure the agreement is enforceable.

At Myers Law Group, we’re experienced reviewing and drafting non-compete agreements to protect our clients’ interests. We provide proactive representation, forming a strong relationship with your business to gain a complete understanding of your goals. This helps us draft the best possible non-compete agreements to guard you against potential liability and ensure compliance.

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Typical Provisions in Non-Compete Agreements

When considering adding non-compete agreements to your employment or business contracts, there are some general provisions to consider, including:

  • Effective Dates and Area
    • In the agreement, you must specify the dates the non-compete is effective. These dates should be reasonable to your industry’s needs, and not create an undue burden on the individual or company signing the agreement. Non-competes should also specify a geographic market area in which it’s enforceable. Our team can help you in deciding the specified area that is appropriate for your industry.
  • Reason for Non-Compete
    • Non-compete agreements need to include a reasonable motivation for its existence. This could include legitimate business interests, such as trade secrets or specialized training.
  • Penalties

Our team can help you draft a proper penalty clause in the non-compete agreement. If an employee or company breaches the non-compete clause, you can pursue litigation to recover losses as defined in the contract.